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MS Wissenschaft 2018
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Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD)
37 stations in Germany and Austria
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On behalf of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research, the initiative “Wissenschaft im Dialog” has sent a floating science center on tour – and has reassigned TRIAD Berlin for with the conception and planning of the exhibition on the converted freight vessel. The MS Wissenschaft with the theme “Work Environments of the Future” is on tour for six months throughout Germany and Austria.

How will the world of work change? How can I prepare myself? And what do I want for the future? These questions help visitors to the interactive exhibition get to the bottom of the matter. They can experience virtual assistance for highly diverse work processes, receive valuable tips for the future of their profession and can contribute their own ideas.

Embedded in the overall layout of the ship are numerous exhibits from German research institutions that make the work of the future come alive. The common thread of the exhibition is made up of the interactions developed by TRIAD with the themes of labor history, career choice, life path, and work time.

Photos © Ilja Hendel/WiD