Events & Conferences
Museums & Cultural Products
Vision & Strategy
Digital Media & Film Production

Events & Conferences

We open new horizons for …

… customized events (S|M|L) in politics, business, science and media. Our team and network create event formats for brands, products and companies that can be experienced with all senses.
The result of our interactive communication and experience spaces: Storytelling that is remembered not only as a communal experience, but also as an individually experienced highlight.

Museums & Cultural Projects

Brain & Gut: Our exhibitions are experiences and touch …

… and inform the visitors at the same time. We integrate cultural, scientific and historical contexts with all creative means.
Our design standards are to make pictures, exhibits and rooms speak to the right target groups. Themes and complex contents are transformed into stories and interactive worlds of experience.

Vision & Strategy

Today’s visions are tomorrow’s assets.

The changes of the future affect every segment of economy, society and culture.

Creative consulting, inspired creation, and confident process design are our tools to develop themes, establish networks, and guide our clients towards a successful future. Thus, we turn labyrinths into expressways and dead ends into launch pads.

Digital media & Film Production

Telling stories and evoking emotions …

Our films are the key to a successful production and guarantee lasting impressions. We explore and realize a wide range of unusual formats.

Interactive exhibits enable the sensual, direct experience and understanding of topics and contexts. By means of playful interaction, information becomes intuitively comprehensible, emotionally accessible and so we bear it in mind for a longer time.

Brands & Brand Spaces

We translate the values and products of a company …
… into authentic brand spaces. We are specialized in the architectural, digital and content conception and design of brand appearances and for this purpose we develop holistic strategies.