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Smart Home
The virtual living room
Hanover, Germany
  • Industry & Business

TRIAD Berlin designed and implemented “Smart Home,” a pop-up store and modular experience world, for Bosch. As temporary dwellers of the iconographic Bosch house, visitors experience the intelligent network of the “Smart Home” products through everyday scenarios.

An 80-inch screen virtually extended the interior of the “Smart Home.” Via a terminal, visitors controlled the virtual living room and experienced the advantages of the multimedia product world: Exemplary features were the regulation of light and heating, playing through security scenarios, and communication with the animal inhabitants of the house. In addition, short films demonstrated how the products make everyday life easier. With a wink, for example, the story of a botched rendezvous that can still be saved thanks to the latest Bosch technology was told.

With the pop-up store “Smart Home,” TRIAD Berlin created an interactive living environment that intuitively and directly conveyed the smart Bosch product line to visitors. Depending on the framework conditions, the scalable room concept could be varied accordingly and used flexibly.