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Hunter Gatherer Stores
The "Real Food" philosophy conquers the Chinese market
Hunter Gatherer
Shanghai, China
since 2015
  • Entertainment & Lifestyle

Hunter Gatherer’s goal is to revolutionize Chinese food culture. TRIAD China designed several food stores in Shanghai for the food company and defined an unmistakable brand identity with the motto “Modern Farm”, putting “real” food at the center.

Hunter Gatherer’s “Seed-to-Table” ecosystem is used to produce high-quality food – grown on its own farms, cooked in its own restaurants and sold in the adjacent “marketplace”. The company dispenses with chemical additives and guarantees direct produce deliveries from the producer to the consumer. TRIAD reflects this fresh, healthy “Real Food” philosophy with a clear design language in its spatial implementation. TRIAD’s innovative retail design concept combines an entrepreneurial approach with a contemporary visitor experience. Modern restaurant areas with open kitchens invite visitors to taste their food together in a cozy atmosphere. The use of natural materials in the store design underline the company’s claims.

The communication strategy developed by TRIAD gives Hunter Gatherer stores an appearance that perfectly expresses the philosophy of healthy and high-quality nutrition.