IHK Delegations
Graphic design with vision
IHK Berlin
Berlin, Germany
since 2011
  • Industry & Business
  • Tourism & Destination

IHK Berlin (the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Berlin) regularly organizes delegations attended by representatives of the Berlin Senate, IHK Berlin, and other economic, scientific, and cultural institutions. Previous destinations include Vietnam, China, Israel, Iran, and the USA.

Delegation brochures, presentations, as well as further graphic applications are being developed and designed by TRIAD Berlin with a uniform appearance in the IHK corporate design. Additionally, TRIAD is coordinating all editorial content including translation and editing.

The above mentioned formats represent, in addition to IHK Berlin, the accompanying companies and the city of Berlin as an economic and cultural center abroad. Individually tailored design elements are used to convey an in-depth analysis of the respective target country. The synergy between intercultural competence and creative know-how makes the extensive teamwork needed for this project stand out.