Expo Pavilon
Happy End
Expedition into happiness
Zurich Insurance Group
Biel, Switzerland
  • Society & Discourse
Art Directors Club (ADC) Award

What is it that really makes us happy? The “Happy End” pavilion of the 2002 Swiss National Exposition provided the opportunity to explore this question. TRIAD Berlin designed and produced a poetic world enabling visitors to experience the various meanings and dimensions of happiness.

Seven experience rooms brought the pursuit of happiness to life on 1,500 square meters: Visitors embarked on a tour of sensual surprises that allowed them to see, feel, and hear what moments of happiness real life may hold. Save the best for last: At the end of the tour, a gigantic slide took visitors to where their happiness can be found – the outside world. “Happy End” was an exhibition that left those who experienced it with a smile.

With some 1.2 million visitors, the blazing red pavilion became a hit with audiences. The creative concept was honored with the Art Directors Club’s (ADC) Silver Nail Award in the category of “spatial communication”.