Porcelain Worlds
The history of the "white gold"
Foundation Leuchtenburg
Seitenroda, Germany
  • Culture & Knowledge
  • Tourism & Destination
Thuringian Tourism Award

On behalf of Stiftung Leuchtenburg, TRIAD Berlin developed and designed two interactive worlds of the new permanent exhibition. The task was to rediscover the fascination for the “white gold” and to create a lighthouse project for the entire region of Thuringia.

The section on “The Exotic” is dedicated to the origins of porcelain and its way from Asia to the curiosity cabinets of European kings and sovereigns. The exhibition room on “The Everyday” provides an overview of the many facets of porcelain production that emerged since the age of industrialization and illustrates the outstanding expertise in porcelain manufacturing still available in Thuringia.

The “Porcelain Worlds” exhibition at Leuchtenburg Castle boosted regional tourism in Thuringia. Supported by the EU, the exhibition revitalized the entire region and won the 2014 Thuringia Tourism Award.