Virtual Reality
Gottorf Globe
The first planetarium in history
Schleswig-Holstein State Museums
Schleswig, Germany
  • Culture & Knowledge
  • Technology & Innovation

TRIAD has created a new experience space in the Globe House of Gottorf Castle for the Schleswig-Holstein State Museums Foundation. A VR film and newly designed exhibition graphics tell guests the story of the giant walk-in Gottorf Globe.

The Gottorf Globe is considered the first planetarium in history. The replica of the astronomical marvel is one of the outstanding exhibits at Gottorf Castle. Since no real images exist from the time of the 17th century, TRIAD has developed its own visual language for the VR film, incorporating elements of baroque scenery. The film shows the ebullient drive and spirit of discovery of the protagonists who devised the highly complex globe mechanics. Enhancing the media experience with virtual reality creates a new and immersive gateway to the history of the Gottorf Globe.

The 360-degree experience accentuates the lighthouse effect of the globe house, which was built in 2005. Schleswig-Holstein is therefore playing a pioneering role in digital staging within the museum sector.