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Funke Kiosk
Transparency - truth - relevance
Essen, Germany
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TRIAD presents a 300 square meter modern media house, offering a space with digital and analogue exhibits for intergenerational encounters and discussions with the traditional company Funke.

The entrance area leads into an impressive media foyer with a welcome and service area. In addition to an exhibition space, the “Kiosk 2.0” offers a variety of uses with its lounge, reading area, and event and training area. An expansive narration in the form of a “media reel” enables not only flexible, interactive and responsive digital touchpoints but also an individualizable customer journey. A courtyard and outdoor areas are included in the flexible spatial concept and invite interaction through their open design.

This multifunctional customer and visitor center shows the Funke Mediengruppe as a reliable navigator and partner in the contentious space between tradition and innovation.

Photos © Funke Mediengruppe
Rendering © TRIAD Berlin