FIFA World Football Museum
Football around the world
FIFA Museum AG
Zurich, Switzerland
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German Design Award

TRIAD Berlin has designed the FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich that serves as a vibrant meeting place for the global football family. With more than 1,000 unique exhibits from around the world, the museum uses an interactive and multimedia-based approach to show how the ball game has always inspired people across all continents.

The experience world allows visitors to see, feel, and hear how football creates emotions and provides people with excitement, inspiration, and a sense of unity. The museum welcomes all football and sports enthusiasts, including fans, clubs, associations, friends, supporters, partners, and sponsors. A place of remembrance and experience in the history of international football, which to this day is decisively shaped by FIFA.

The “Visions of Football” – an audiovisual media installation using LED screens with a height of up to eight meters – provide a multi-perspective view on football moments from around the world. Located on the basement floor, a special place is reserved for the original FIFA World Cup trophy. “The Cinema” shows a breathtaking 180° film that allows viewers to experience World Cup football like never before, using state-of-the-art technologies to recreate the dramatic moments and emotions of all World Cup finals. “The Pinball” forms another highlight of the museum: The world’s first walk-in pinball machine allows visitors to test their ball skills in an interactive multimedia setting.