200 Years of Bad Berka
Room for health
Municipality Bad Berka
Bad Berka, Germany
  • Culture & Knowledge
  • Tourism & Destination

For the Coudray-Haus in Bad Berka, one of the most important health resorts in Germany, TRIAD Berlin has designed an exhibition that transcends visual habits and offers space for discovery and understanding. TRIAD has created a 200-year history of the spa and sanatorium on only 54 square meters of space.

The interactive exhibition combines fascinating historical facts with intriguing detail and background information. As a particular highlight, humorous illustrations are arranged along the walls of the exhibition like a graphic ribbon.

The new exhibition makes the Coudray-Haus a source of information for guests of the spa and rehabilitation facilities, an appealing destination for tourists, and a place that allows residents to identify with their town. It is no surprise that the local media described the exhibition as “a big achievement in a small space.”