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Beyond Borders – All Hands Meeting
Beyond Borders
Berlin, Germany
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The large-scale All Hands Meeting 2018, from the international management and technology consulting company BearingPoint, brought together around 1,400 employees from eight German locations at STATION Berlin.

For the third time, TRIAD was responsible for the two-day event from the design and the implementation all the way to the debriefing. In close cooperation with the client, this year’s motto “Beyond Borders” was developed, which addressed BearingPoint’s current themes. In the STATION Berlin, a former “Postbahnhof” or railway station for packages and goods, the agenda was scenographically transformed into three room concepts: “Inspiration” – the conference, “Recreation” – the get-together, and “Celebration” – the evening event. TRIAD produced the opening film and an “overnight” collage from the first day of the event.

The All Hands Meeting facilitated an exchange of knowledge, invited the attendees to network, and thereby underscored the open company culture at BearingPoint.