Berlin Climate Security Conference
Climate - Security - Peace
Federal Foreign Office of Germany
Berlin, Deutschland
since 2019
  • Culture & Knowledge
  • Energy & Sustainability
  • Society & Discourse

At the Berlin Climate and Security Conference (BCSC)  the importance of multilateral cooperation, inclusivity and locally-informed action to weather the risks resulting from interacting climate and conflict pressures are the main concern. In 2022 the Climate for Peace Initiative to elaborate a substantive agenda for implementation of peace positive climate action at local, national and global levels was launched.
To enable broad and global participation, as well as additional in-depth exploration of critical issues, the follow-up digital segment included partner-run deep-dive webinars and workshops.

In tandem with adelphi NeoNext Berlin planned, organized and designed die Climate and Secuity Conference in the Weltsaal of the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin for over 200 international and top-flight participants from politics and economy.

The event was broadcast live over the two-day duration of the conference..