VIP Event & Dome Projection
The Arrival
How to make natural gas visible?
Nord Stream
Lubmin, Germany
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On the occasion of the ceremonial inauguration of the Nord Stream pipeline in Lubmin, the Nord Stream AG commissioned TRIAD Berlin to develop and produce the contents, design, and media features of the event.

How to celebrate the success of a tremendous technological, logistical, and political effort “in the middle of nowhere”? In order to visualize the resource of natural gas, TRIAD Berlin created an impressive camp scenery consisting of several oversized geodetic dome tents whose shape reflected the symbol of the gas molecule. The success story of the European project was turned into an impressive spatial experience by a 360° projection produced by TRIAD. The highlight of the ceremony was the “Vision Film,” which put the audience right in the middle of the creation of the pipeline.

The inauguration of Europe’s longest offshore natural gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea marked a historic moment and received enormous media coverage. Gerhard Schröder, Dmitri Medvedev, Angela Merkel, François Hollande and many other representatives from politics and business attended the historic moment.