Digitising Europe 2014
Listen, discuss, create
Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications
Berlin, Germany
  • Society & Discourse
  • Technology & Innovation

The process of digitization has a profound impact on education and work. The conference “digitising europe” addressed this topic under the motto “Opportunities for the Next Generation.” The goal was to identify opportunities and to jointly develop strategies for the future. Together with the Vodafone Institute, TRIAD Berlin created an event format that invited participation and allowed for the real-time exchange of international viewpoints.

At Gasometer Berlin, some 350 participants from the worlds of politics, economics, and start-up businesses shared their perspectives. At the same time, the conference gave the online community the opportunity to actively participate in the discussion: Organized as a platform, the summit provided access from other locations via social-media channels, live streams, and online portals. TRIAD Berlin was responsible for the concept, design, and implementation of the event as well as for the technical production.

The summit achieved high visibility in all channels: Leading German media outlets reported on the event and further discussed its contents. Moreover, the conference drew much attention online: On the day of the event, #digitisingEU ranked among the top-5 most frequently used hashtags in Europe.