Berlin Global Forum 2017
Restoring Public Trust
BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt
Berlin, Germany
  • Society & Discourse

The Berlin Global Forum by the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt brought 200 international decision makers from politics, economics, culture and business together for strategic dialog. TRIAD Berlin produced the opening film and developed the scenographic concept for the conference.

The central elements of the event were seven individually made greenhouses that con-veyed the theme of “Restoring Public Trust”. Inside, the houses were staged so that they symbolically stood for the themes of the five Global Table events, that have taken place over the past two years. In addition, the work of the BMW Foundation was presented. An illuminated house in the outdoor area served as a guiding marker and stood in con-trast to the industrial style of the event location, a former warehouse in Berlin Moabit.

Very different design formats were used. The architectural structures played with shapes, colors, materials, transparence, and light. They explained, provoked, surprised and invited the attendees to a collective experience and at the same time stood for a comprehensive creative concept.

Pictures © BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt / Claudia Leisinger