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100 Years UFA Anniversary Night
On the red carpet
Berlin, Germany
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As the largest German programming creator, UFA is an entertainment brand that has used tradition and innovation to continue to reinvent itself. Its 100th anniversary was celebrated fittingly with the “Anniversary Night” organized by TRIAD Berlin.

TRIAD Berlin was responsible for the entire event including logistics, event technology, scenography, design, and catering, as well as the show and program design. In addition to the kinetic light installation, an especial highlight of the evening was the “100 Years of UFA Film” – produced by TRIAD, including the sound design. Three large projection screens were hung in the room and immersively conveyed a century of eventful film history. In doing so, treasures from the UFA archives managed to be combined into a new form and staged as complete work of art.

450 invited guests took part in “100 Years of UFA Anniversary Night” at the Palais am Funkturm. Amongst them were political notables such as Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the Governing Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller and many celebrities from the film and media world.