Interactive Exhibits
Siemens at the WindEnergy Hamburg
Future of the wind industry
Hamburg, Germany
  • Energy & Sustainability
  • Industry & Business

At “WindEnergy Hamburg,” the world’s leading trade show for wind energy, Siemens offered a glimpse into the future of the international on- and offshore wind industry.

TRIAD Berlin developed three highlight exhibits for the exhibition stand, from basic design all the way to production and completion. Particularly impressive was the kinetic sculpture of a wind turbine presented in a 3D exploded view. In a spatial installation, designed especially for the show, components of the turbine were hoisted and dropped. Eleven films augmented the printed parts in detailed views on four transparent, 55-inch OLED screens. The two other featured elements were a photo booth with a built-in wind simulator and a walk-in helicopter cockpit. Using VR glasses, guests could fly over an offshore wind park.

Supported by these three unique exhibits, the highly complex content of wind energy technology could be effectively experienced.