SAP Soccer Showcase
Interactive stadium to-go
Manchester, United Kingdom
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TRIAD Berlin has developed a mobile showcase for SAP that allows an inside perspective of the technological processes used when managing a professional soccer club. The first deployment location was the SAP Sports Summit in Manchester.

The “SAP Soccer Showcase 2.0”, designed to visually resemble a stadium, offers various interactive possibilities. On the outer wall, a 180° movable slider allows users a view of the stadium facilities and shows typical applications of SAP solutions. In the interior, up to three people can slip into the role of a trainer, manager, team doctor, or player. A guide leads various sporting challenges in both German and English.

In collaboration with SAP, TRIAD was responsible for concept, architecture, equipment, and parts of the media production. The app used was provided by SAP and can be updated and expanded at any time. With its high-quality design the “SAP Soccer Showcase 2.0” is an appealing way for potential clients to discover software solutions in a stadium environment. It is especially easy to set up and break down and is flexible enough to be deployed internationally.