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ECE MyZeil
Shopping: The new dimension
Frankfurt on the Main, Germany
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The MyZeil shopping center in Frankfurt am Main offers 44,000 square meters of retail space with around 100 shops on five floors. On behalf of ECE, TRIAD Berlin developed a concept for its future that combines shopping, entertainment and enjoyment.

With its urban flair, lively market hall atmosphere and attractive outdoor terraces, the new food court “Foodtopia” is a magnet for visitors. The rebranding of the entire interior design underlines the mall’s modern, stylish and inviting atmosphere. The existing architecture – with its spectacular glass roof – was deliberately highlighted and skillfully incorporated into the new vision. The “Expressway” cuts through the entire shopping area; at 42 meters, it is the longest cantilevered internal escalator in Europe. All restrooms were individually designed – among other things, the idea of Frankfurt as a banking city was incorporated with bank vault appliqués and clocks showing the time at the most important stock exchanges.

As a reinvented world of experience, the MyZeil mall creates a quality of visit that will set the standard for Frankfurt’s main shopping street.