Virtual Reality Showcase
Caveman VR
Into the Stone Age with high-tech
TRIAD Berlin's own initiative
Berlin, Germany
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  • Technology & Innovation

“Caveman VR”, the virtual reality showcase designed and implemented by TRIAD Berlin, transports the user into an archaic situation in the prehistoric age. The experimental journey begins with a fire pit, which can be experienced both audio-visually and tactilely.

The central interactive element is the virtual torch, controlled by a branch affixed with a tracker and lit at the campfire, which creates a seamless connection between the real and the virtual world. The scenery is based on high-resolution nature scans specially optimized for the game engine Unity. The sound design for the Unity internal engine was expanded through a spatial audio engine. Thanks to the self-developed method, the sound of the burning torch changes with the environment and with movement in the room. Audio samples from the animal sounds archive of the Museum of Natural History in Berlin provide a distinctively authentic auditory experience (Source: Project Natural History 365/24). Even a heat lamp is used to make the warmth of the fire pit perceptible.

The staging constructs a situation that is deceptively real and allows for the exploration of the environment with the torch in hand. Via the tricky combination of real components and virtual reality, TRIAD Berlin has created an innovative experience format with “Caveman VR”.