Visitor Center
360 Degrees – Thuringia Goes Digital
Innovative location marketing
Thüringer Tourismus GmbH
Erfurt, Germany
  • Culture & Knowledge
  • Tourism & Destination
iF Design Award

To make an entire federal state with its culture, its people and its potential experienceable in only 150 square meters, TRIAD Berlin has designed a unique visitor center. The project is a benchmark in its field.

The Tourist Information Thuringia in Erfurt offers a central contact point for passers-by, visitors, businesses and (future) local residents. It is indicated from the outside by a window facade integrated into the staging. In the center, an interactive KUKA robot glides over a 3D relief of Thuringia and makes digital tours possible. A VR cinema allows visitors to audio-visually submerse themselves in the landscape and biodiversity using drone recordings created by TRIAD. The entrance area offers analog interactions through personal guidance and individual travel information.

An innovative experience format has been created, that stands as the focal point of a comprehensive on-demand and content rich panorama. The gap between tourist attraction and marketing a location is overcome in an emotional and informative way. Thereby Thuringia takes a leading role in location marketing and cultivation of the home region.

Pictures © Dominik Saure, Thüringer Tourismus GmbH