Hanergy Renewable Energy Exhibition Center
Renewable energy
Hanergy Holding Group
Beijing, China
  • Energy & Sustainability
  • Industry & Business
Art Directors Club (ADC) Award
IIDA Award (International Interieur Design Association Award)
German Design Award

TRIAD Berlin and TRIAD China have been commissioned by one of the world’s leading companies for the production of solar panels to develop the overall concept for a unique 1,900 square meter showroom and exhibition area dealing with the history and future of energy production.

At the center of the narration is the sun as the source of all energies. The history of energy is told, starting with the emergence of fossil fuels, through industrialization to energy crises and environmental pollution. The potential of renewable energies is shown as a solution for the energy generation of the future.

TRIAD Berlin created an emotional 13-minute image film for the 180° cinema, whose spectacular images were produced using special cameras, drones and CGI sequences. Room-filling media productions, interactive exhibits and spectacular exhibition architecture captivate visitors to the showroom.