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DeliLife Food Store
Slow food meets design
Shanghai, China
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The DeliLife gourmet food store in the Shanghai Century Link Plaza offers sophisticated customers an extraordinary and tasteful shopping experience. Covering more than 6,000 square meters of space, DeliLife’s supermarket, market halls, cooking school and more than 20 restaurants invite guests to shop and enjoy.

TRIAD planned and implemented the complex project and oversaw the design of its interior architecture, lighting, furniture, and graphic identity. The spatial concept ensures an ideal experience for the visitor of the various functional areas. Marble counters in black and white are additionally highlighted by the use of copper-plated materials and set accents in the overall design. The professional lighting concept creates a particularly warm and inviting atmosphere.

At the DeliLife Food Store, slow food and design meet. With its appealing presentation, TRIAD expresses passion for high-quality food and food culture.