Brand World
ABUS Brand World
Experiencing crane technology
ABUS Crane Systems
Gummersbach, Germany
  • Industry & Business
  • Technology & Innovation

TRIAD Berlin designed and implemented a brand world for ABUS within which crane technology becomes something to be experienced. Visitors get a glimpse of realistic work situations and learn how processes in the industry can be optimized by crane systems.

The 1,600 square meter brand world is divided into three areas where the skills of the crane manufacturer are showcased: the product world, the experience world, and the communication area. The product world offers several different stations that give an overview of ABUS products. An especial highlight is the overhead travelling crane exhibit that enables visitors to ride over the exhibition area at a height of eight meters. At heart of the hall is the centrally located communication area, which serves visitors and employees as a platform for keynotes and discussions. In the experience world, visitors can test a variety of crane systems according to application and in an enjoyable manner. The color scheme and the dynamically shaped exhibition area are inspired by ABUS’s corporate design.

TRIAD Berlin has successfully used the brand world in order to make product diversity, quality, technology, and application possibilities interactively experienceable.