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Immersive VR film for UFA

"Ein Ganzes Leben" ("An Entire Life") is Germany’s first so-called "volumetric" film, in which viewers can move freely around the actors and watch them from any perspective, thus becoming part of the scene. The film is a production on the occasion of UFA’s 100th anniversary in cooperation with TRIAD Berlin, Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute and Deutsche Kinemathek. The film can be experienced as part of the exhibition "UFA – The history of a brand" at Deutsche Kinemathek in Berlin.

TRIAD Berlin implements digital experience world in Thüringen

Visitors can now experience all of Thüringen digitally in the tourist information area of the Willy-Brandt-Platz in Erfurt. The experience world, "360 Grad – Thüringen Digital Entdecken" ("360 Degrees – Experience Digital Thüringen"), implemented by TRIAD Berlin was inaugurated yesterday in the presence of economics minister Wolfgang Tiefensee. Technical highlights are a KUKA robot and a VR cinema. Ulf Eberspächer, Creative Director TRIAD Berlin: "Thüringen doesn’t just stand for tradition, scenery, culture, and history, but also for quality of life, connectivity, and digitalization. We have caught this diversity and these purported contradictions in a spatial narrative that inspires." © Dominik Saure, Thüringer Tourismus GmbH

Berlin Global Forum 2017

Berlin Global Forum 2017 | 28th November 2017 The BMW Foundation Berlin Global Forum titled "Restoring Public Trust" took place on 24 November 2017. TRIAD Berlin created the scenographic concept and produced the opening trailer. The houses symbolize the topics protection, radicalization, justice, transition und inclusion. The Forum brings together decision-makers from all walks of life and world regions for a strategic dialogue. It wants to engage leaders and their networks to achieve good governance, prevent conflicts, and build inclusive societies. Pictures are available on Flickr. © Claudia Leisinger

In Dialog with Dr. Parag Khanna

In Dialog with Dr. Parag Khanna | 15th November 2017 Dr. Parag Khanna held a great presentation about "The Connected World Order" at the Immersive Showroom of the Brandenburg Gate Museum. The presentation was followed by a discussion, moderated by Jan Friedrich Kallmorgen, CEO Berlin Global Advisors. Khanna is a CNN Global Contributor and currently a Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow of the Robert Bosch Academy. He is the author of the recent book Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization.

100 Jahre UFA Anniversary Night

TRIAD Berlin hosted the 100 Years UFA Anniversary Night that took place on September 15th at the Palais am Funkturm in Berlin, in attendance were around 450 invited guests including Germany's Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. TRIAD Berlin was responsible for the entire event and in addition produced “100 Years of UFA Film”, which put into context and immersively conveyed a century of eventful film history. As the largest German programming creator, UFA is an entertainment brand that has used tradition and innovation to continue to reinvent itself. There were many UFA stars and VIPs as well as state and federal political representatives at the exclusive gala.

Astana EXPO-2017 Future Energy Forum Closing

On the 4th - 5th of September, the world-class international series of conferences Astana EXPO-2017 Future Energy Forum will be brought to a close in a festive ceremony. The Berlin communication and creative agency TRIAD designed, organised, and implemented the 12 conferences about the future of energy on behalf of Astana EXPO-2017. In the Astana EXPO-2017 Manifesto of Values and Principles the most important findings will be recorded. The Steering Committee, especially appointed for the Future Energy Forum, will officially deliver the Manifesto draft on 5 September to the management of the Astana EXPO-2017. The committee is made up of renowned experts like Dr Rajendra Pachauri, President of the World Sustainable Development Forum, Prof Dr Klaus Töpfer, Founding Director of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) and Dr Kanat Baigarin, Vice President for Innovation and Research, Nazarbayev University. The focus of the Future Energy Forum 2017 lies on the expansion and the future of renewable energy sources, the sustainable use of natural resources, methods of energy efficiency, and new business models for a post-fossil fuel society. At the 12 conferences with up to 400 participants, over 50 nations have come together in the new Congress Center of the EXPO since June. Internationally connected institutions like the European Union, Nazarbayev University, OECD, UNESCO, UNIDO as well as UNITAR have been represented at the unique series of conferences. 500 speakers from the scientific, political and economic sectors have taken part in keynotes, panels, and workshops – amongst them were the solar flight pioneer Prof Dr Bertrand Piccard, the astrophysicist and Nobel Laureate Prof George Smoot, as well as Dr Parag Khanna, who most recently attracted world-wide attention with his book “Technocracy in America: Rise of the Info-State”.

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